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US-8684848-B2: Shaft coupling apparatus patent, US-8694238-B2: Automated ground handling of aircraft patent, US-8706444-B2: Method for accurately acquiring multiple analog input signals, analog input circuit, and measuring sensor and measuring transducer having an analog input circuit of this type patent, US-8712010-B2: Digital X-ray detector arrangement and digital X-ray imaging method patent, US-8729523-B2: Three dimensional memory array architecture patent, US-8755146-B1: Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same patent, US-8766116-B2: Rotary encoder suitable for a use with a gas valve on a range patent, US-8779756-B2: Current sensor patent, US-8789436-B2: Ball screw device having preload structure patent, US-8805156-B2: Recording control apparatus and recording control method patent, US-8879934-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-8910832-B2: Device for the preservation of substances to be kept separate until their application patent, US-8932917-B2: Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-8962244-B2: Compounds for modulating RNA binding proteins and uses therefor patent, US-8970207-B2: Device for measuring drill bit displacement patent, US-8980280-B2: Recombinant feline leukemia virus vaccine containing optimized feline leukemia virus envelope gene patent, US-8997414-B2: Water tight seal for corner joints, and associated mouldings patent, US-9027561-B2: Medico-surgical tube assemblies patent, US-9049724-B2: Dynamic special subframe allocation patent, US-9077801-B2: Prioritized prompt ordering and call processing in interactive voice response systems patent, US-9083919-B2: Method and apparatus for enhancing chroma of input image patent, US-9100245-B1: Identifying protected media files patent, US-9116883-B2: Communication terminal including cluster information calculation section and DMA-transfer section patent, US-9127800-B2: Duct for air-conditioning circuit incorporating a noise-reducing device, and such a circuit incorporating it patent, US-9163642-B2: Impeller and rotary machine patent, US-9166895-B1: Detecting process execution state change using measurement of resource consumption patent, US-9189953-B2: RF dynamic power control and radio protection in metering devices patent, US-9227343-B2: Gemstone production from CVD diamond plate patent, US-9251931-B2: NbTi superconductor with peripherally distributed Al block for weight reduction patent, US-9266274-B2: Heater-cooler system for a barrel of an extruder and a method of using the same patent, US-9281785-B2: Low-noise amplifier, receiver, method and computer program patent, US-9286339-B2: Dynamic partitioning of a data structure patent, US-9294372-B2: Status determination in computer network-based communications system patent, US-9314889-B1: Apparatus for holding tubular workpieces patent, US-9326693-B2: Placement of electrodes in proximity to the heart patent, US-9331711-B2: Method for processing a measured-value signal determined in an analog manner, a resolver system for implementing the method and a method for determining an output current of a converter patent, US-9337207-B2: Semiconductor devices including word line interconnecting structures patent, US-9368195-B2: Memory system for processing data from memory device, and method of operating the same patent, US-9369535-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program patent, US-9372289-B2: Method of manufacturing a diffraction grating patent, US-9384921-B2: Break-off-resistant control device patent, US-9399034-B1: Methods of sedation during critical care treatment patent, US-9412885-B2: Solar cell patent, US-9429475-B2: Thermal radiation sensor and thermal image capturing device including same patent, US-9438103-B2: Low voltage and high driving charge pump patent, US-9489456-B1: Previewing file information over a network patent, US-9493035-B2: Flanged hub-bearing unit patent, US-9505708-B2: Process for the production of ralfinamide salts substantially free from impurities having genotoxic effects patent, US-9520864-B2: Delay structure for a memory interface patent, US-9574872-B2: System and method for optical reading of markings printed on a face of an ophthalmic lens patent, US-9577279-B2: Ionomers and methods of making same and uses thereof patent, US-9609419-B2: Contextual information while using headphones patent, US-9624354-B2: Natural crystalline colorant and process for production patent, US-9637356-B2: Collapsible hoisting apparatus patent, US-9649315-B2: Composition useful for treating disorders related to TRPA1 patent, US-9655830-B2: Cosmetic composition patent, US-9665579-B2: Date and time format generation method, program, and system for reference and elapsed timestamps to produce a formatted target timestamp for use in stream processing patent, US-9667568-B2: Method for automatically detecting physical connections of ethernet bridges connected to a root bridge patent, US-9671431-B2: Probe card and manufacturing method patent, US-9697978-B2: Multi-frequency klystron designed for high efficiency patent, US-9701370-B2: Structural blank patent, US-9724945-B2: Printer and control method for a printer patent, US-9737975-B1: Clamping tool patent, US-9755329-B2: Superconducting cable connections and methods patent, US-9755432-B2: Alternate arm converter patent, US-9755726-B2: Method and apparatus for improved multi-carrier communication patent, US-9757140-B2: Laparoscopic surgical instrument patent, US-9782052-B2: Nozzle assembly and dishwasher having the same patent, US-9791062-B2: Hydraulic valve having pressure compensated flow control patent, US-9793127-B2: Plasma generation and pulsed plasma etching patent, US-9856993-B2: Valve device with a valve based on an electrodynamic actuator and method for controlling a valve with an electrodynamic actuator patent, US-9868182-B1: Safe mode cross slide system patent, US-9887594-B2: Electronic device for performing charging and method for controlling the same patent, US-RE32794-E: Programmable automatic assembly system patent, US-8598127-B2: Peptides for inhibiting MDM2 function patent, US-8601741-B2: Automatic closing device for vehicle door patent, US-8609348-B2: Bacteriophage adhesion proteins patent, US-8611905-B2: Method and device for controlling the coordinated transmission for downlink signals in a wireless telecommunication network patent, US-8615736-B2: Module facility for JAVASCRIPT language patent, US-8635393-B2: Semiconductor memory having a short effective word line cycle time and method for reading data from a semiconductor memory of this type patent, US-8637199-B2: Fuel cell using organic fuel patent, US-8648454-B2: Wafer-scale package structures with integrated antennas patent, US-8656545-B2: Core for washing sponge roller patent, US-8669275-B2: Deuterium-enriched donepezil patent, US-8747647-B2: Process and apparatus for the electrolysis of an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride or alkali chloride in an electrolytic cell patent, US-8753061-B2: Transport system having multilayer tracks and controlling method thereof patent, US-8770323-B2: Apparatus and method for installing ground anchoring systems patent, US-8794054-B2: Sensor device and a method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8797449-B2: Auto-focusing apparatus patent, US-8798046-B2: Methods and apparatus for providing unique MAC address to individual node for fibre channel over Ethernet (FCoE) traffic patent, US-8834584-B2: Method of assembly and apparatus for cooling syngas patent, US-8844152-B2: Position measuring instrument, scale, and method for producing a scale patent, US-8874928-B2: System and method for obfuscating constants in a computer program patent, US-8902255-B2: Mobile platform for augmented reality patent, US-8916625-B2: Ink jet resin ink composition, ink jet recording method, and recorded matter patent, US-8943320-B2: Techniques for authentication via a mobile device patent, US-8947298-B2: GNSS receiver and positioning method patent, US-8967329-B2: Sound absorbing and sound blocking reinforced board for vehicle and method manufacturing the same patent, US-8977362-B2: Peripheral pain management patent, US-8982161-B2: Image data processing device, image data processing method, and program patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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